how to copy large files

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  • GatherBird Copy Large Files 2.3

    Now you can completely copy your files even over slow and unreliable network connections by using handy GatherBird Copy Large Files software. It gives
  • Split Large PDF Files

    Split PDF File into Pages Software application is very simple lighting fast desktop utility program that lets you split PDF File into smaller PDF
  • Binfer Transfer/Send Large Files Easily 2.0

    Binfer is file transfer software for sending & receiving large files without uploading them on any servers. With Binfer you can: - Send large files
  • Zeta Uploader - Send large Files online

    FREE sending of large Files online for free via Email by uploading to Internet. Automatically send multiple files and folders to e-mail receivers.
  • Copy Changed Files

    Free software that copies changed files from one directory to another, include subdirectories. Creates a new destination directory with date for
  • Randomly Copy Files Software 7.0

    Randomly copy a specific set of files to one or more folders. Add source folders to first list, add destination folders to second list, preview
  • Print & Copy Secured PDF Files

    Print & Copy Adobe Pdf documents data even if pdf file is secured and restricted to access the file for editing, printing & content copying.
  • Automatically Copy USB Files When Connected Software 7.0

    Automatically copy USB files to a folder on your computer every time it is connected. This application sits in the system tray at the bottom right
  • Copy Files and Folders To Another Folder Software 7.0

    Copy a specific set of folders and files to multiple folder destinations. Preserve subfolder paths when
  • Copy Files To Multiple USB Drives Software 7.0

    Have you ever had many USB flash drives and wanted to have the same set of files on each one? This software offers a solution for users who want to
  • Copy Files to Multiple Folder Locations 7.0

    With the help of this software, you can copy the single set of files into many folder. It can be used for inserting source files to the first list as
  • Copy Files to Multiple Folder Locations Software 7.0

    Quickly copy many source files to multiple folder destinations. Add source files to the first list, add folders to the second list, preview results,
  • Automatically Copy Files to Multiple Folder Locations Software 7.0

    The handy Automatically Copy Files to Multiple Folder Locations Software is used for copying files to alternate locations. Yu can set the copying
  • Copy Multiple Files In Folders or Subfolders Into One Folder Software 7.0

    Copy Multiple Files In Folders or Subfolders Into One Folder Software is best for all those people who wants to copy contents of several folders into
  • Large Log Viewer 1.2

    Large Log Viewer is dedicated to easily manage large log and text files (10MB, 100MB, 1GB, 10GB, 100GB...)with color highlighting, search, tail
  • Large SEO Icons 2013.1

    Large SEO Icons is a unique collection of stock images representing a wide variety of concepts and actions related to search engine optimization,
  • Large PNG Icons 2013.2

    Large PNG Icons collection is the perfect choice for any web designer looking to maintain high quality UI graphical representation but looking to save
  • HiVis Large 3.5

    HiVis Large is part of the Access Firefox project. It is designed for people who have problems seeing normal-sized icons and text. It is also very
  • Large Pointers 2 -

    Large Pointers 2 - 8 extra large Animated Cursors for people who can hardly
  • Kempelton Large 3.2.1

    Bigger version of the Kempelton theme. Try to check 'Use Small Icons' when using this theme if you want less big icons. Use the standard Kempelton
  • Large Pointers 1 -

    Large Pointers 1 - Collection of 6 ani and 11 cur with large pointers, made-to-measure for people who can hardly
  • Split Large Pdf 1.2.5

    AxpertSoft pdf splitter software is advanced desktop tool to split a large pdf document in multiple parts. Tool lets user to split its pages into
  • Large Icons for Vista 2013.2

    Large Icons for Vista is a set of rich-colored and polished stock icons designed in the same style as the original icons of Windows Vista and Windows
  • Large Commerce Icons 2013.1

    Large Commerce Icons help Web designers and application developers produce professional-looking products for accountants and bookkeepers, the
  • Large Toolbar Icons 2013.1

    Times of tiny, barely visible toolbar icons are gone. If you are looking for a modern and stylish design for you application`s toolbar, consider using
  • Large Delicious Icons 2013.2

    Large Delicious Icons represent a free icon collection well-suited for all sorts of blogs and web pages. The pack delivers lots of variations for a
  • Large Money Icons 2013.3

    Large Money Icons is a collection of royalty-free ready icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites,
  • Large People Icons 2013.3

    Large People Icons is a rich-colored set of icons displaying people of various occupations, ethnic groups, ages and genders.All icons are crafted in a
  • Large Home Icons 2013.2

    Large Home Icons set contains icons for all the types of homes, houses, buildings and architectural decorations you can imagine. This set had been
  • Large Education Icons 2013.2

    It is obvious, that education had always been the best possible investment. And, so are the educational tools. Weather you are designing an
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  • Copy-Zit 2.0.17

    copy-Zit is two programs: Split-Zit breaks a file into smaller pieces. Join-zit put them back together again. Great for send a large file over E-Mail that has a size restriction. Can use copy-Zit to provide your
  • GatherBird Copy Large Files 2.3

    Now you can completely copy your files even over slow and unreliable network connections by using handy GatherBird copy large files software. It gives you surety that the copied file s same like the original one as well
  • Total Copy 1.2

    Total copy is awesome for achieving two little operations, namely pausing and resuming file copies. After downloading it you will be notice the Pause button in the standard Windows copy dialog.It copies your files and
  • File IO ActiveX 1.0.1

    copy, split and join any file. copy, split and join any file. The File IO ActiveX is an ActiveX component designed for developers to copy, split and join any file from your program. The copy functionality of the
  • concat

    File splitting and joining utility ConCat/Split is a Windows Explorer context menu extension that provides two complementary facilities: 1. A split facility that lets you easily convert a single large file into
  • CopyGenie 2.0

    Have you ever selected a group of files and Folders in the Windows Explorer and tried to copy them to a floppy diskette only to find out after many of the files have been copied that there isn.t enough room on the disk?
  • Sync Last Files Free 1.1

    Sync Last files is easy and useful synchronization utility. It is disigned to synchronize only files which have been modified in past several days. For example, you have two large folders placed on two computers, and
  • Snowbird 7.0

    Snowbird 7.0 is a useful and easy-to-use file management and search tool, focusing on performance rather than features. Major Features: Find what you are looking for: Locate files quickly and easily using the integrated
  • TerabyteXCopy 1.0

    Allows you to copy large number of files overcoming a bug in Windows. Usage TerabyteXcopy usage: TerabyteXcopy Options: -n : copy only files that do not exist in Destination Path -f : Retry copy on Failure -r : Max
  • D-Copy 1.00

    D-copy is a lightweight and easy to use application that offers you many options and tools to perform complex folder copy operations. This new version has well implemented Graphical user interface. Here are some key
  • MultiPart 1.0

    Great for New Groups binaries, Email and Archiving large files. Combine News Group Attachments for MP3, MPEG or whatever. Send large files over email. Archive large files to multiple disks. Works with large
  • Talent Copy Beta

    Talent copy uses advanced algorithm to limit empty HDD head moves, HDD waste, noise and power on file copying and increase file copy speed dramaticaly. On windows vista test for copying of folder containing 6686 jpeg
  • DVD Copy for Mac Snow Leopard

    DVD copy for Mac Snow Leopard will make it easy for you to copy either D9 or D5 movies. It enables you to compress and burn the movies on optical discs with ease. You may also back up these files on an external hard
  • DVDPean Pro - Site license 5.0.0

    DVDPean Pro is powerful DVD backup software which provides you new experience in dvd ripping with its fast ripping speed, wonderful output quality, full functionality, ease to use and multi-option. It helps you rip your
  • dvdPean Pro 5.8.5

    DVDPean Pro is powerful DVD backup software which provides you new experience in dvd ripping with its fast ripping speed, wonderful output quality, full functionality, ease to use and multi-option. It helps you rip your
  • Wondershare DVD Copy for Mac

    If you are a Mac user, Wondershare DVD copy for Mac will help you to copy D5 and D9 DVD movies, with ability to copy from one format to another. The program will remove different types of DVD protection while retaining
  • File Copy Master 2.53

    A general purpose File copy utility. Copies your photos, media files, or any kind of file to multiple backup disks or storage devices. Especially useful when you want to backup a folder that is too large to fit on a
  • File Splitter Deluxe 3.28e

    You can split your large files into small files with this software. After splitting the large files into small pieces, you can rejoin them again into the original position without the need of this software for rejoining
  • Remove Copy Protection From PDF

    Need to remove copy protection from PDF to copy PDF files without any protection? Then go for the superior PDF protection remover program - Unrestrict PDF. Program enable users to remove pdf copy protection, remove copy
  • Ycopy 1.0a

    Ycopy is a data migration utility. In short it is a utility that helps you copy data from one disk to another. Intended for use by computer technicians, IT people or anyone routinely faced with the task of trying to
  • TeraCopy 2.27

    Teracopy is a free utility that is designed to copy/move the files quickly and securely. Its major features are it can resume broken file transfers; it can skip bad files during copy and even shows the skipped files at
  • JR Split File 1.2

    The JR Split File enables you to split a large file into smaller files and create a standard .bat file that can be used to reconstruct a copy of the original file. This function is useful for breaking large text files
  • 4Videosoft DVD Copy 3.2.72

    4Videosoft DVD copy is able to copy DVD movies freely. You can copy DVD movies to DVD disc, DVD folder and DVD ISO files on computer without limitation. It provides you with three copy modes: Full copy, Main movie and
  • SplitIt System 1.0

    When you need to exchange data between computers, some files may appear too large to fit into the transport media or to be uploaded to the Internet. SplitIt System can split large files into smaller pieces, adding an
  • File Anti-Copy V3.5

    Protect your file with File Anti copy V 3.1. No body will be able to open, copy and delete your files without your permission. Download and try it to make sure your files is secure. File Anti-copy is a anti-copy
  • Wondershare DVD Copy Pro for Mac 2.5.0

    Wondershare DVD copy Pro for Mac is a best DVD copy software with D9 to D5 compression. It can save your valuable DVD files like DVD Disc, VIDEO_TS, dvdmedia, and ISO file. With this mac DVD copy program, you can copy
  • A.F.6 Split your files 2.2

    A.F.6 splits a large file into several smaller files. Here are some examples of what you can do with A.F.6: You can save a file that is larger than 1,4 MB on several floppy disks. You can send a huge file in several
  • Jasmine - Auto FTP Uploader 4.00

    Jasmine is the FTP front-end using of the OS/2 WARP genuine part for FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for the maintainances of your webpages. And Jasmine can copy local files to destination directory with same functions of
  • WinMend File Copy

    WinMend File copy is a software application which enables you to copy items from one location to another, faster than with Windows Explorer. In order to start managing the contents of your hard disk, you are required to
  • Extension Copy 5.1212

    Extension copy is a powerful tool designed to help you copy, delete, cut or crush the files with specific name, size and modification time. This tool supports filename masks, so it allows you to manage the file names and