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  • G-Recorder Professional for Skype 2.2.5

    G-Recorder Professional lets you easily record skype calls and chats to Gmail, Google apps, Yahoo, AOL and any IMAP server. This edition is best suited for heavy skype users and small business. G-Recorder Professional
  • IM+ Talk (Symbian UIQ and S60v2) 1.3.2

    IM+ Talk Software allows you to perform skype functions and experience skype features on your mobile. Chat with your skype contacts, call them, and enjoy the conveniences of skype on your mobile device. IM+ Talk is
  • MyToGo for Skype

    MyToGo for skype works with ANY Phone and skype Worldwide! skype Rates for Local or International Calls from ANY Phone Now Take skype ANYWHERE You Go Using ANY Phone Check skype Voice mail from ANY Phone free Call
  • Skype Toolbar for Internet Explorer

    skype Web Toolbar for Internet Explorer The skype Web Toolbar recognises phone numbers and skype Names on webpages, so that you can call with One Click, through skype. Things you can do with skype Office Toolbar Call
  • fring for Windows Mobile 3.3

    Fring is a free mobile communication service designed for Windows mobile that lets you make free calls, live chat & video calls, directly on your mobile phone, via your favorite Internet communities such as: skype,
  • fring for Symbian 8 3.2

    Fring for Symbian 8 is your free mobile communication service that lets you make free calls, live chat & video calls, directly on your mobile phone, via your favorite Internet communities: skype, Google Talk, MSN
  • SkypeLauncher 1.6.3

    With skype Launcher you are not bound to one skype account system. skype Launcher enables you to use all your skype accounts at the same time, machine, and session. It also supports 64-bit systems. With the USB Export
  • Synqit 1.13

    If you are a heavy user of skype for PC to phone calls, you want all your phone numbers that are stored in different sources to be copied into skype. Manual copying is boring; embedded skype import does not import phone
  • iSkoot for Skype v1.1 for BlackBerry 1.1.63

    iSkoot for skype is free mobile software that delivers rich features of skype to your BlackBerry. It enables you to view contact presence information, set your online status, text chat, make & receive skype calls and
  • IM+ for Skype for BlackBerry 3.12

    The skype IM+ is a mobile application that you can use for doing voice and text communication with other users of skype. Its major features are its usage enables you to talk with other skype users all over the world; you
  • EQO Mac 0.94.2

    EQO mobile is a presence-enabled mobile service that keeps people connected to their IM and online communities from their mobile phone. EQO mobile for skype is a J2ME application that runs on your mobile phone and is

    Spread the word about CryptoChat 4 skype to your friends and start having secure chat conversations over the skype network today ... IS TOTALLY free !!! skype Extra type: Application - Features: Crypto Chat for skype
  • IM+ Talk (Symbian S60v3) 2.22

    With IM+ Talk you can chat with skype friends, call any PC, mobile or landline phone from wherever you are, making it very cost effective and it does not need Wi-Fi and works on all carriers networks as well. Its key
  • MySkype 1.0

    Using your mobile phone or any telephone that is caller id enabled, you simply call your skypeIn PSTN number to gain immediate access to the power of skype international calling. Whether you are traveling on business, at
  • Skype(c) 4.0

    Control your skype from the this Widget: - Display your contacts (Online or not). - Make a call or a Chat. - Send an SMS (if you have skype Credits). - Call a phone or a mobile (if you have skype Credits). - Accept
  • SkypeContacts 1.01

    skypeContacts erm??glicht es euch, den Status eurer skype-Kontakte auch zu sehen, ohne das skype im Hintergrund l??uft. Mit den vorhandenen Buttons k??nnt ihr Sie ebenfalls kontaktieren (setzt skype vorraus!) See the
  • Twilight Utilities Skype Forwarder

    Never Expires. forward skype to phone and forward phone to skype. Never miss a skype call again. skype forwarder acts as both a telephone and a skype answering machine. As well it functions as a skype to phone and phone
  • Blubell for Skype 1.0.858

    blubell is an intelligent software for your PC that allows you to control skype from your Bluetooth headset. With blubell you can: Make skype calls through voice dialing: Speak the name of your skype contact in your
  • mcePhone for Skype 2.0

    With mcePhone for skype application, your Microsoft Windows Media Center turns into a full communication machine.You can call anyone else on skype, anywhere in the world for free. And youll always be able to do that.
  • SpeedDial for Skype (Mac OS X) 1.0

    SpeedDial your friends, answer and hang-up calls ---even when you're AWAY from your Mac! SpeedDial lets you sit back in your comfortable chair or walk around making your calls. Using your wireless headset (even
  • SkypeTuner

    Do you hate damn "skype home" loading when you start skype? Then maybe you know how to disable it from loading? No? But skypeTuner knows! It is a simple application that does only one thing - STOPS "skype home" from
  • Skype Remote Control Plugin 1.76

    skype Remote Control Plugin makes it possible to see your Home Cable TV from anywhere via skype, and even change channels via skype Chat Window. You can watch TV on remote PC or mobile Device. This Plugin works
  • vitaero

    vitaero is a software application that seamlessly connects a wireless Bluetooth® headset to skypeTM on your PC. The software works with all popular Bluetooth headsets and it has been tested and certified by skype.Just
  • Click To Call With Skype

    skype’s Click and Call plug-in highlights skype contacts and phone numbers on most websites. Simply click on the number to call it with skype. Click to call with skype allows millions of users to call
  • Skype for Business

    Included with the Windows installer and best features skype for Business is a tool best for business class. You can transfer large files instantly in all parts of the world. You can make free calls to anyone else on
  • Tumara XF

    Tumara XF for skype extends the basic capabilities of skype and enables you to transfer inbound and outbound skype and skypeIn calls to anyone in your skype contact
  • Skype Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox

    The skype Web Toolbar is used for joining the skype with your Mozilla Firefox web browser. you can make calls to your skype contacts with one click as it is capable of recognizing web pages phone numbers and skype
  • SkypeLaunche 1.6

    skype Launcher is a freeware tool for automatically signing-in multiple skype accounts with just one click. It will automatically detect already signed-in skype Accounts and only login offline accounts. skype Launcher
  • Marmalade 6.0-310433

    Marmalade provides the most powerful desktop Simulator and debugging environment of any cross-platform mobile tool. What???s more, you can deploy simultaneously to iOS, Android and all other supported platforms with just
  • TalkAndWrite

    Interact and work on top of documents via skype.TAW for skype is a real time interactive software, which is incorporated and certified by skype. It allows the interaction of up to 10 participants working together on a